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We have compiled an assortment of popular Medicare-related publications available to you. Simply click on a link and the publication will appear. Additional forms and publications are also available by request. Please call or contact us if you do not see a form that you need. Our representatives can assist you with the help and materials needed to apply for any additional State or Federal assistance you may qualify for. In many cases, there may be special programs of which you may be eligible for as well.


  • National Do Not Call Registry
    1 888 382 1222
    This Registry allows you to block telemarketing calls.
  • Fraud Org- National Consumers league
    The national fraud information center has tips and articles to help you recognize fraud, and an online form to file a complaint.
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB)
    Visit the BBB site to find your local BBB agency, read its extensive scams listing and checkout charities before you donate.
  • NC Attorney General
    1 877 566 7226

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